Monday, November 16, 2009


This is what happens to plants when suddenly the yard they are in is flooded with light. We had two huge water oak trees removed because of their close proximity to the house (potential hurricane fodder). The gigantor/galapagos plants you see in the picture were never more than 1/2 a foot tall and very sparse until the trees were removed, then they became humongous!!!
At least these plants won't cave in the roof if they get blown over! I really did hate to cut down those two trees, but after the last two hurricanes we figured we had gotten off lucky so far and should not tempt fate any more...........

Sunday, April 12, 2009


here is my easter bunny, he's hiding out to hide his eggs!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Last weekend we made a little trip to Biloxi Mississippi to the Beau Rivage Casino. This is only my second visit to any casino since gambling became legal in Louisiana. On the way, we passed through Gulfport where the wrath of Hurricane Rita was unbelievable, even three years later. I had heard about the oak trees that were destroyed and maimed by the salt water and tidal surge. Some of the ones that had no chance of being recovered were pared down and sculpted into pelicans, swordfish, dolphins and eagles. It was a very moving experience seeing these trees and so sad to know they are reduced to twigs only about 6-7 feet high. The total irony of it all is how beautiful they look as sculptures and how well done they are. Many of them are enclosed in a little fenced area right by the beach. You can see where entire houses and businesses once were and all that is left is a slab. One place had only the chimney sticking out of the ground, all alone in the middle of what used to be someone's property and home.

The casino itself was amazing! I never imagined such an elaborate and beautiful structure existed in the humble state of Mississippi. It is an enormous and elegant place, and is so well maintained and so clean! Yes, I know its a casino, and that part is mysterious to me. I don't really understand the lure of it all, but have to say it was fascinating to watch the people (i'm a people watcher big time). They had some gift shops that you can't believe and the restaurants were all top dollar, no fast food in that place! The casino also had a theatre that we went to and saw Yes. Some people may not know who Yes is, but us old-timers probably will. The sound was fantastic and the theatre was small and best of all, had RESERVED seating! I was told that most concert events nowadays are all reserved seating, so you can tell I don't get out much........ :)
Also, I had reservations about seeing a concert in a casino, but they were unfounded. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and am thinking about going to see Chicago in April at the same place. BTW, the rooms were awesome and very well appointed, room service extraordinaire (although we didn't order any THIS TIME).
I would like to stay two nights next time and relax a little more to watch the wildlife.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It was like Disneyland, Disneyworld and all the Six Flags had come overnight! Everyone had their cameras and picture phones out, and some schools were closed along with some state offices.

What a day! We were all children again for that short amount of time because of course it is all gone now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is my "new" cat Junior. The caption to this particular picture is "don't wake this". Junior is a major live-wire when he is awake, so while he is asleep there is peace and quiet. He is a beautiful cat and is going to be really large when he is finished growing. I decided to keep him inside for the first six months or so because he is SO white and then was SO small, I felt he would be an easy target for predators at night (HOO HOO!). Anyway, now he is about 9 pounds so I am not nearly as concerned about him being kidnapped or killed.

Junior has a bunch of little rubber balls that he like to carry around in his mouth. He will play with these all by himself for hours. Sometimes he will bring the ball to wherever you are sitting or standing and drop it in your lap or at your feet. Then you are supposed to throw it and he will fetch and bring it back! Does he think he is a dog? IDK!

Around 2:30 or 3:00 every morning it sounds like the Olympics are going on in my living room, kitchen, foyer and upstairs as Junior is running and sliding and crashing into everything. He recently discovered the stairs and likes to run up and down them many times so it sounds like a herd of buffalo is in the house. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy having little (?) Junior around. He is not an extremely affectionate pet, but when HE wants to, he will "allow" a small amount of cuddling, even though he does purr all the time.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thibodeaux: Boudreaux, did you get the parrot I sent you for your birthday?
Boudreaux: Yes, it was good!
Thibodeaux: You ate the bird!
Boudreaux: Of course I ate it.
Thibodeaux: That bird spoke five different languages.
Boudreaux: Then he should have said something. **********************************************
Thibodeaux: Boudreaux, What's the score?
Boudreaux: Seven to Ten.
Thibodeaux: Who's winning?
Boudreaux: The ten.
When Boudreaux got home yesterday, Clotilde ran out to him saying,
"The car got water in the carburetor!"
"How you know that, you?"
"Cause it's parked in the Bayou!"
Boudreaux told Thibodeaux he was having trouble selling his truck, with 200,000 miles on it, for $1,500. Thibodeaux advised him to set the odometer back to 50,000 miles to make it easier to sell. A few days later, Thibodeaux asked Boudreaux if he had sold his truck.
"No," replied Boudreaux, "I decided to keep it. It has only50,000 miles on it."

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux went hunting and got lost in the woods. When Boudreaux began lamenting their fate, Thibodeaux said, "You know, I heard that the best thing to do if you get lost is to fire three shots in the air."
So they did that, and waited a while. When no rescue party showed up, they fired three more shots in the air. Finally, when there was still no response, Thibodeaux said, "Well, I guess we better fire three more shots."
"OK, if you say so," said Boudreaux. "But somebody better come soon-- > we're about out of arrows!"

Dare was da time Boudreaux was having trouble sleeping at night. Boudreaux wrote a letter to the Internal Revenue Service. He put:"Dear Internal Revenue Service,For da tax year 2003, I underpaid my federal income tax and I ain't been able to sleep well since. Enclosed is a check for $200.00.
Yours in Good Government,Boudreaux
And he put at the bottom,"Mais, P. S. If I don't sleep better tonight, I'm gonna send you da rest." **********************************************